Everfitt Movement guides clients toward a healthier, more functional lifestyle, focusing on supervised progression and emphasizing the mind and body connection. Using up to date assessment tools and exercise prescription our team of Kinesiologists and qualified Instructors work towards achieving the client's personal goals while developing their confidence through fun and motivational sessions.
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Private Sessions

A one on one private session working through a specialized exercise program with a personal trainer or kinesiologist. Each session may be either 30 or 60 minutes depending on the individual’s needs. Packages of multiple sessions are available as well.

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Supervised Group Sessions

An ongoing group program in which clients can work through their individualized exercise programs in a supervised setting. A maximum of 7 clients per group ensures personal attention and instruction from our team.

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The first consultation, before training begins, is extremely important. During this initial meeting, we will discuss your medical history, physical activity history, and current health status. We will also focus on what you want to achieve by starting an exercise routine.

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Assessments are an invaluable tool for measuring existing abilities, and providing a baseline for a safe effective program. Assessment services can be provided for individuals interested in knowing their present physical condition. Type of Assessments: Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Posture & Gait

What We Do

Everfitt Movement guides clients toward a healthier, more functional lifestyle, focusing on self-improvement and emphasizing the mind/body connection. Using a sound knowledge base of assessment tools and exercise prescription, practicing Kinesiologists and qualified instructors work towards achieving the client’s personal goals and developing their confidence through fun and motivating sessions. Everfitt provides rehabilitation services for many conditions including back and joint pain, chronic illnesses, recovery from motor vehicle accident or work related injuries and managing pre and post-surgery health. Balance and mobility training are also available. Everfitt maintains a private office at Cedar Hill Recreation center where assessments and counseling are undertaken. The exercise sessions take place in the fitness room at the Recreation Centre. Home Visits are also available. An initial consultation with a certified Kinesiologist determines the services that will best meet the client’s needs. The consultation includes a health history assessment to evaluated current physical condition. This will provide the basis for establishing goals and formulating an exercise program specially tailored to the individual.


Flo Bongiovanni-Russell

Founder, Kinesiologist, BScPE, MA
Flo has been practicing Kinesiology for 25 years. Her professional qualifications culminated in a Master’s degree from the University of Victoria and included the Rick Hansen Disability Resource Centre at UBC. Flo’s continuous upgrading includes Balance and Mobility Specialist Instructor Certification at the Centre for Successful Aging (California State University) and Fascial Fitness Trainer Course, Somatics Academy (Germany).

Wendi Mitchell

Office Manager/ Personal Trainer
Wendi is our office manager as well as a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer and has been working in the fitness profession for over 20 years. She is also a Seniors Caregiver with CPR and First Aid certifications.

Julian Harron

Personal Trainer
Our international man of mystery, Julian has been a BCRPA qualified fitness instructor and personal trainer since 1996. His goal is to help clients achieve functional fitness while continually progressing within an exercise program tailored towards their personal goals.

Eric Wang

Eric holds a BSc. in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria with a keen interest in pain, posture, and breathing rehabilitation. Eric is the Strength and Conditioning coach for both the Pacific Coast Swimming Club and Vikes Men’s Varsity Rowing Team at University of Victoria and is also certified in ACL Injury Prevention by ReBalance MD.

Katie St John

Katie graduated from the University of Victoria with a BSc Kinesiology Co-op. It was during her final placement, at a rehabilitation clinic, where she realized a profession as a Kinesiologist would combine her passion for educating others and her admiration for the human body. Katie enjoys working with all populations and is invested in continuously learning.

Willis Schneider

Willis is a BCAK registered Kinesiologist and a graduate of the kinesiology program at UVic. Willis has a diverse background in many different fields, including emergency medical response and injury rehabilitation. One of his main goals is to teach people how to take ownership of their health and welfare by providing experience, knowledge and understanding.